vampire:the requiem - Danse Macabre


I made two full color commission for the Role-Playing Book Vampire: The Requiem: Dance Macabre

Dance 'Til Sunrise What are you willing to do to make it through tonight? What about tomorrow night? And after the deeds are done and your belly's full of blood, how are you going to live with yourself? The Danse Macabre asks those questions in new ways, and provides new tools to answer them in your own chronicle. So let's get some razors, and open up some old wounds The definitive companion to Vampire: The Requiem o New disciplines tied into kindred Traditions. o Atrocity and Banes: rules for replacing Humanity with mystical or personal consequences. o Exciting new rules for social and mental combat, and the role of vampiric powers therein. o Rules and information for play at multiple tiers, from a street-level coterie to a global conspiracy. o New covenants, from the sinister Foundation to the renegade Brides of Dracula.



My work in Traveller can be seen in two races module, Aslan and Vargr.
In Vargr module, I'm proud to re-desing the Vargr race and ships, I was responsible for making the concept arts that later would serve the illustrators to do their artworks from my designs.
In Aslan module, I made three B/W commissions


The Aslan are revealed as never before in this mighty 200 page tome. Including new careers, equipment and vehicles, Alien Module 1 also delves into their ship construction and features an entirely new sector to expand your playing area beyond the Spinward Marches – the Trojan Reaches. With this book, you will be able to create alien characters, use the Aslan as patrons, or simply let your players explore Aslan space as visitors, always mindful not to unintentionally upset or irritate these mighty aliens!


Callously viewed by other races as thieves, vagabonds and pirates, the wolf-like Vargr are a complex and varied race whose society is light years beyond their stereotype. Alien Module 2: Vargr peels back the layers of prejudice to reveal a fascinating race who have a powerful effect on their region of the galaxy. This book is packed with information for both players and referees. New rules for careers allow players to create their own Vargr characters, which are then well served by technology and ships designed by and for the Vargr. Chapters are devoted to playing a Vargr and how their society and culture are structured. Finally, we have also included a complete sector to explore, meshing seamlessly with the Spinward Marches – the Gvurrdon sector.

toledo 1085


The boardgame created by Javier Jesús Dominguez Cruz and ilustrated by Antonio Bravo, María Corredera and me, coordinated by Alejandro Villen. Each one made the artwork cards corresponding make each race that makes up the game, Christians, Muslims and Jews. I am responsible for the Jewish race.

Description: On May 25, 1085, Alfonso VI conquered Toledo after four years of siege. Al-Qadir surrendered the city to Alfonso VI who guaranteed to protect persons and their goods, whatever their religion was. This started a period of pacific cohabitation between the three major religions (Christian, Jewish and Muslim) in the city. King Alfonso VI was particularly supportive of this coexistence and even tried to encourage him. To this end, he promised a special place in his court to all noble who would promote the harmony between the three religions. Each player is a noble of the city that will try to develop his city through science, culture and trade while paying attention to the cultural diversity and mixture of Toledo. Will you be the one chosen by the King to make Toledo the city of three cultures?

Toledo 1085 Official Website

runequest II Role Game


I have made commission for four role-playing books of Runequest II:

· Runequest II: Glorantha
· Runequest II: Monster Coliseum
· Runequest II: Empires
· Runequest II: Races of Glorantha. Vol.1



I have colaborated in two books of Victoriana Role Playing: "War of the Worlds" and "Jewel of the Empire" ; with several B/W commissions


The British believe their Empire is unassailable, that no force has the power to stand against it. They are wrong. Across the gulf of space, alien minds have observed the world of Victoriana with covetous eyes. They have come to wage war not only against the British but the whole of the Earth. Will the great Ironclad airship 'Thunderchild' prove a match for the Martian war machines? Can the powerful magic of the Guild protect humanity from the deadly science of an alien race? What part will your characters play in the coming battle? Will they stand against the onslaught or cower against the might of another world? War of the Worlds is the first in the 'Victoriana Shattered' line. This series details new alternate worlds for Victoriana, or campaigns of such import that they will change the world of Victoriana forever.


A land of mystery and ancient secrets, subjugated by the power of Empire. India, the jewel in England's imperial crown. It is a land that has brought the English riches and tribute for many years, managed by the vast British East India Company. The nation has fascinated the English, influencing their art, science and even cuisine. However, it is a land they cannot hope to understand as they continue to hold its beauty in an iron grip. For all their power and magic, there are forces in India that the colonial powers can scarce imagine. Deep in the hidden temples and ancient cities lie ancient secrets from a time before the polite divisions of Order and Chaos. Dark cults harness forgotten magic to do battle with the invaders. Mysterious secrets from the dawn of time wait after millennia to be released upon the world once more. Welcome to India, where nothing is as it seems… except the darkness.